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About 60% people don't use gloves when they do houseworks

2014-05-07 20:59:04

 In life, it is inevitable to deal with washing powder, detergent and other chemicals, wearing rubber gloves may be related to the protection of the most direct way. Recently a survey, "life times" joint Health Channel done together, the use of rubber gloves are not in the habit of nearly six adult in various household chores.

In a poll of 2132 people, 36.4% people will use in cleaning, wear rubber gloves when washing dishes for 34.8% people, only 28.8% of people said the clothes will be used. In this regard, deputy researcher of Tianjin Institute of Botany Li Hongzhu pointed out, washing powder, detergent and other chemicals are easily solvents or strong solvents, detergent containing surface active agent, the material itself on the skin to stimulate large. In order to cover up the smell the smell, which will add some aromatic agent. If the skin often contact with these substances, easy to make the skin hyperkeratosis and chapped, dry, peeling of the phenomenon, the skin sensitive people may even suffer from allergic dermatitis. Rubber gloves can make the skin and these chemicals are separated, have very good protection effect.

The frequency of use in this issue, 57.1% said they did not form a habit, only occasionally used, 39.2% of people use every day, 3.7% people never. Often use rubber gloves in the family, 29.7% of the people will be according to different uses used separately, 48% people only think of dishwashing gloves single points out, 22.3% people are all the work of the house with a pair of gloves. Li Hongzhu pointed out that, if the glove mixed with damage to the skin, although small, but may make the bacterial cross infection, the more the more dirty washing.

Rubber gloves are often used, should be cleaned regularly. But the survey found, 21.9% never, 11.3% people a month or even longer time to wash one time, 7.6% people will be cleaned once a week. In the cleaning process, 78.6% people just cleaning the surface, leaving 21.4% people will not only clean the surface, but also to flip it over cleaning inner surface. After washing, 69.7% people will be completely dry gloves, 30.3% said no, 25.8% people will be put on the very edge of the pool, 12.6% people just put in the bathroom cabinets.
Commonly used rubber gloves belongs to natural rubber, natural rubber aging in use after a period of time, if the regular contact with oil and water, will become soft and sticky, not timely cleaning, easy to harden brittle. In addition, after put the gloves on the edge of the pool, even wash, will breed bacteria. Therefore, every time you are finished using it is best to both inside and outside the clean with soap or disinfectant, and placed in well ventilated place to dry naturally, but do not expose to the sun, it is easy to make it brittle, shorten the service life of the gloves.