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  • [2015-11-06]
    Nitrile gloves belonging to chemical gloves, the main material is composed of Nitrle , acrylonitrile and butadiene . Nitrile (J ng) is a class of organic compounds, have special smell, acid or alkali decomposition. Nitrile rubber gloves is excellent with high mechanical strength and chemical resistance...
  • [2014-05-07]
    1.What is the activity of your company? 2. Do you produce other products besides vinyl glove and latex alike glove? 3. What is the certificate for your products? 4. How can I buy your products? What is the minimal order? 5. What is the output of your product?...
  • [2014-05-07]
    In life, it is inevitable to deal with washing powder, detergent and other chemicals, wearing rubber gloves may be related to the protection of the most direct way. Recently a survey...
  • [2014-05-07]
    What is the difference between latex gloves, nitrile gloves? We must first have a look under the glove main raw material is generally divided into single material and composite material....
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