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What is the difference between latex gloves, nitrile gloves?

2014-05-07 20:57:46

 What is the difference between latex gloves, nitrile gloves? We must first have a look under the glove main raw material is generally divided into single material and composite material. Elemental is our common medical gloves, the gloves can also be used as our household rain washes the gloves, popular to say the main material is a kind of raw material. Another common jersey gloves, leather gloves composite is a common latex gloves, his renown also called dipped gloves, hanging plastic gloves, glove, the glove is made with cloth or yarn gloves, and the gloves for a moment in the prepared glue, take out after drying rubber gloves.

Rubber gloves are commonly used natural latex and synthetic rubber, this artificial glue with NBR rubber, thus Ding Jing gloves and latex gloves are gloves materials according to the name, according to the properties of this adhesive performance can produce gloves. General NBR gloves his is suitable for oil operations, such as gas station. Latex gloves are soft and wearable, wide application range, is certainly in the glove glue content, some latex glove wearing a very hard is adding light calcium much lead gloves hard, make the glove wearing not smart and comfortable.

Through the above it can be seen that glove characteristics of each function, therefore these 2 kinds of gloves is not completely good or bad, can only say that the gloves have function to choose. The other NBR gloves flexibility is not good, not easy to elongate, can be made into various colors (white, blue, more common in green, red, black), white is white, Ding Qing is artificial rubber gloves, latex gloves are natural rubber gloves, Ding Qing will not cause allergic, scalability than latex. Ding Qing glove material chemical resistance and acid and alkali resistant effect is much better than latex, can according to customer requirements of selection of gloves .